10 good reasons to choose this programme


Looking for something truly unique? Studying Finance in the broadly defined field of finance conducted entirely in English is something unique. There are only a few such programmes in Poland.

Studies in Finance at Wroclaw University of Economics and Business open doors to an international career in investment analysis and work in prestigious international companies as well as an advantage in the Polish job market. You also get the chance to be part of an international academic environment and make friends with people from all over the world.



Studies in Finance is a guarantee of the highest quality of education, in line with the standards of respected global universities. Empty words? No, because we have the evidence for it. Since 2015, we have held one of the three most important accreditations in the world – the EFMD Accreditation (European Foundation for Management Development, formerly EPAS) awarded to the best programmes related to business, management, and finance.

We are among the prestigious group of 89 universities in 35 countries (2021 figures) that have earned this elite accreditation. Worldwide, 161 programmes have it, but only 15 in the area of finance (14 at Master’s level and only one – ours – at Bachelor’s level).



A diploma is not everything. In the world of finance, professional certificates and licences are also very important. Usually, you can apply for them only after graduation, and the path leading to their acquisition is not only difficult and time-consuming, but also requires considerable financial outlays.

However, our faculty is unique. Thanks to accreditations and cooperation with the most important financial professional organisations, you will be able to simultaneously follow the study programme and prepare for professional certificates. You can gain exemptions from some of the exams they cover, as well as fee reductions and access to essential learning materials.

Thanks to the partnership with CFA, while completing the programme, students can simultaneously prepare for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam. Our faculty was the first CFA partner in Central Europe. We are also accredited by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, which greatly facilitates the acquisition of ACCA qualifications, and we participate in the Partnership with CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), which issues certificates in management accounting.



Our students learn from excellent lecturers: continuous development-oriented specialists in their respective fields, academically active in the international arena. Classes are also taught by guest professors from various universities around the world.

This academic staff provides access to the most up-to-date knowledge and courses delivered according to global teaching trends. There are results: our students are internationally successful in competitions organised by respected industry organisations, including the prestigious CFA Institute Research Challenge.



Finance professionals need not only broad and up-to-date knowledge that provides them with the right perspective, but also the skills and proficiency to apply it in practice. Therefore, we focus on practice: empirical analyses of data from the market or authentic companies, issues identified as important by employers, case studies as a core part of the study programme. It is also important to have contact with practitioners from the international business environment and instructors who know finance inside out thanks to their many years of experience working in finance, accounting, or investment.



This programme provides education in modern finance: in the areas of investment and financial consultancy, banking, financial assets, financial investment management and accounting and risk management.

Graduates of Finance Studies at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels build finance careers in banks, insurance companies, financial institutions and corporate finance departments. They work as market analysts, investment advisors, finance directors and risk management specialists. They may also find work in SSC (shared service centres) and BPO (business process outsourcing) positions. They also often develop their own businesses.

Our graduates find employment in less than a month after graduation. Their level of satisfaction with salary, scope of work and development prospects is one of the highest in the country! (data from Students and Graduates Survey 2015)



Finance specialists can also expect high salaries for their work. In Poland, salaries in the field of investment analytics are better than in most other industries on the labour market. The average salary of a specialist in this field is about 7000 PLN, and it keeps increasing with the seniority.



In addition, you can have all this at a low price. Our tuition fees are one of the lowest compared to other programmes of this kind in Poland.



Not all types of studies are equal. Wroclaw University of Economics and Business has a great reputation and is one of the most popular economics universities in the country, modern, focusing on entrepreneurship and cooperation with business.



Studying is not only about lectures and exams. It’s also about making great friends and having an unforgettable student life. It is therefore worth choosing a place that is teeming with it.

Wroclaw is a city with over a thousand years of tradition and rich history, and at the same time young in spirit. It is one of the largest academic centres in Poland and offers a rich cultural life and proximity to other major European cities.

After completing your studies in Finance, you can work wherever you like. But if you love Wroclaw like we do, stay here: the job market is very extensive and investments in the Wroclaw Agglomeration have reached billions of euros in recent years. Many international companies operate here, and finance specialists are always in demand.