Accreditation by national Institutions

In agreement with the Polish law, the University is accredited by the Ministry. Assessments formulated in summer 2013 by the State Accreditation Committee (PKA), awarded to majors:

  • Finance and Accounting (including both applicant programmes) – Positive with distinction (exceptional score – only two other such scores in the field in Poland)
  • Management – Assessed positively (maximal score)
  • Informatics and Econometrics – Assessed positively (maximal score)

Another element of strong national standing of the institution includes entitlements for awarding academic degrees. Currently the MCS&F Faculty entitlements include:

  • doctor of economic sciences, in the following disciplines: management sciences (since 1977), economics (since 1977) and finance (since 2011)
  • doctor habilitatus of economic sciences: management sciences (since 1977), economics (1977), and finance (2013)

Applicant programmes were also awarded certificate of quality by Foundation for the Promotion and Accreditation of Economic Majors (EPOQS). Certificates of quality are awarded to selected majors in Poland, so far only 48 such certificates were awarded in the country. The Faculty had a certificate for Finance and Accounting (includes BMSF studies), Management and Informatics and Econometrics[1]. Now the function of the certificate has lessened due to introduction of the PKA accreditations (and our top standing in this accreditation) and we had not re-applied for it recently. Other accreditations and assessments include the ACCA accreditation for the Finance and Accounting major (Polish-delivered applicant programmes twin) bachelor studies, specialisation: accounting and auditing accredited for 2014-2019, and (Polish-delivered applicant programmes twin) master studies, specialisation: international accounting accredited for 2014-2020. Other successes relate to the award of the Education Minister for the best studies major in 2012 for the Finance and Accounting major (including applicant programmes).

In the period 2009-2014, the Minister’s of Science and Higher Education Scholarship for Outstanding Merits was granted to 6 students of the Faculty. One student has successfully applied for the NCN Diamond Research Grant (prestigious nation-wide competition). From 1 January 2008 to 30 April 2014, 47 participants of doctoral studies at the Faculty completed their PhD proceedings with a defence of a doctoral dissertation, marking the Faculty’s strong national position. Recently, the Faculty has been classified by the Ministry as “A” in terms of research output (the grade is periodically revised, the scale ranges from A+ to C). Also, in 2013 the new building opened at the Campus – the Lifelong Education Centre (now most classes at BMSF programmes are held there) – was awarded the first prize in the national competition for innovation, in the category: education buildings.


Professional Organisations Accreditations

On the 15 of December 2009 the Co-operation Agreement has been signed between the University and the CFA Institute, the first such Agreement to be signed with a Polish Higher Education Institution. This was a significant distinction, as this was only such agreement in Central Europe (we have been selected for this partnership by the CFA). In accordance with the Agreement, both applicant programmes are compliant with the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge™, which enables the students to graduate from studies and prepare themselves for the CFA exams. Additionally there are scholarships awarded to best students to reduce the costs of taking the exams significantly. This cooperation takes a form of accreditation.

On the 23 of October 2013 the Co-operation Agreement has been signed between the University and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, on the basis of which the Bachelor Studies in Finance is now offering a specialization called UE & CIMA CBA, where students may obtain a pass from CIMA exam modules C1 to C4 by passing subjects taught at the studies. This agreement signifies that CIMA recognizes the quality of courses taught at the Bachelor Studies in Finance, as well as the quality of the studies-internal exams. Additionally scholarships awarded to best students to reduce significantly the costs related to exam exemptions and CIMA membership are in the preparatory phase. This cooperation takes a form of accreditation, which will be extended to Master Studies in Finance before the end of year 2015.

We are also currently working on the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) accreditation with relation to both, full applicant programmes and hope to become accredited before the end of year 2015.

League Tables

Programmes have a strong national reputation. The following table presents the information on the programme position in the most important national league tables:

Type of rankingWhat is rankedPlace (scale)Short descriptionLast revised
National Ministry of Education ParameterizationUniversity12 (out of 93 in field of Economics and related)National parameterization of higher education institutions (public and non public)2013
Hirsch INDEX-H rankingUniversity2 (out of 93 in field of Economics and related)Nationwide ranking of research output carried by leading Polish press magazine Polityka2013
National Rating of Higher Education Institutions


Studies major

7 (out of 200 best)

4 (out of best 50)

Nationwide study by Foundation for Education Perspektywy ranking based on all available criteria



National Rating of Higher Education InstitutionsStudies major3 (out of best 50)Based on opinions of employers2013
Polish Higher Education Institutions Wprost RankingUniversity15 (out of over 250)Ranking of all higher education institutions in Poland with respect to graduating students being most wanted on the job market (sample: 500 largest companies in Poland by Wprost, leading Polish press magazine)2013

Faculty and students national and international successes

Programmes Faculty and students are successful in the prestigious competitions of the President of the National Bank of Poland for the best master’s, doctoral and habilitation thesis. In particular, in the recent years Assoc. Prof. Katarzyna Kuziak, received an honourable mention for the best habilitation thesis for her book: The measurement of risk of the company. Measurement models and their risk. Dr. Bartosz Kaszuba received an honourable mention in the competition for the best doctoral thesis for his dissertation Application of robust multivariate statistical methods in the theory of Markowitz portfolio, while mgr Marta Karaś, MSF programme graduate, received honourable mention in the competition for the best master’s thesis written in the subject of monetary policy. The last two theses were prepared under the supervision of Professor Krzysztof Jajuga (Head of BMSF Studies).

The students of MSF programme won CFA Research Challenge in April 2013, being the best in the world (1st out of 800) in this competition, where more than 800 universities participated from all over the world. In 2012, our team was among four best teams in EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) in this challenge. Our teams of students are successful also in the CIMA Global Business Challenge. Two times, in 2012 and 2013, they were among six best teams in the world. Last year (2014), they took the third place in the world.


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