Finance Program Bachelor & Master is a fully English language program in finance. At the bachelor’s level the study lasts six semesters and at the master’s level four. After the first degree (Bachelor Studies) one can obtain a bachelor’s degree, while the second degree (Master Studies) allows you to obtain a master’s degree.


Recruitment for Finance Program is conducted once a year and starts in spring. Detailed recruitment schedules can be found below.

Candidates should register in the online recruitment system, complete their personal data, attach scans of necessary documents, photo and proof of payment of the enrolment fee.

After receiving through the recruitment system information about qualifying for admission and confirming the willingness to study at Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, the candidate provides the Enrolment Office with the required documents and pays the first semester of studies.

Tuition Fees

Students of full-time program in English at the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business pay tuition fees for each semester of study.

Poles, citizens of the European Union and other persons undertaking studies under the rules applicable to Polish citizens (e.g. EU citizens or holders of the Card of the Pole): 1000 PLN per semester.

Non-EU citizens: 1250 Euro per semester

Additionally, the enrolment fee is 85 PLN (19 Euro)

Tuition fees for foreigners

Who can apply for admission?

Due to the language of instruction, candidates for Finance Program Bachelor & Master must speak English at least at B2 level.

The Bachelor’s degree in Finance can be applied for by persons who have completed at least secondary education and passed exams giving them right to undertake any kind of higher education in the country where they studied (in the case of Poland, it is the secondary school-leaving exam).

In order to apply for a Master’s degree in Finance, you must have a diploma entitling to pursue a Master’s degree, i.e. at least a bachelor’s degree.

Detailed recruitment criteria

Qualification for the Bachelor’s degree in Finance is based on the results obtained during the examination at the end of high school.

If a candidate has completed secondary education in Poland, it is determined by the sum of the points from the written part of the English language secondary examination (obligatory extended level), mathematics and one of the following subjects: geography, history, knowledge of society, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, philosophy, Latin language and ancient culture, Polish language, history of music, history of art.

In case of persons who have completed their secondary education abroad – points are awarded by the Recruitment Committee on the basis of documents attached by the candidate in the recruitment system.

Graduates of the following faculties may apply for admission to the Finance Program (Master level): management, finance and accounting, computer science and econometrics, production management and engineering, economics, logistics, international economic relations, economic analysts, business informatics.

Candidates who have completed their first degree studies in English in the financial field of study can be admitted to the Master’s degree program on the basis of the undergraduate average grade. Otherwise, they must take part in the enrolment process, which includes a test or interview on their knowledge of the field of study (the issues covered by the exam can be viewed here) and a test to check their knowledge of the English language (it is possible to be exempted from the language test if they have certain documents proving adequate knowledge of the English language).

Information on the detailed selection criteria can be found here.

Recruitment schedule

Detailed recruitment schedules vary depending on the degree of study and conditions under which the candidate will study.

Bachelor level

Polish high school graduation (matriculation exam) Foreigners Poles with high school graduation from abroad Persons who may study under the regulations for Polish citizens*

Master level

Poles Foreigners Poles with high school graduation from abroad Persons who may study under the regulations for Polish citizens*

* For example, EU citizens or holders of Karta Polaka. Zasady podejmowania studiów przez cudzoziemców – osoby, które mogą studiować na zasadach obowiązujących obywateli polskich.

More information for candidates for studies

Additional information about the recruitment process can be found on the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business website.

If you have any questions, please contact the Recruitment Office.