Be in demand! Combine your Bachelor Studies in Finance and Master Studies in Finance diploma with the professional ACCA Qualification.

Have you ever wondered how many Finance graduates leave universities each year, hoping to get an attractive first job – people just like you?

What should you do to become a graduate, who stands out from the crowd as the perfect candidate, prepared to work for your dream employer?

Combine a diploma from a prestigious Wrocław University of Economics with the ACCA qualification valued by employers in Poland and around the world! This is made possible by ACCA Accredited Programmes, available at Faculty of Management, Information Technology and Finance.


As the world’s largest organization for finance, accounting and management professionals, ACCA grants accreditation to higher education institutions that have adjusted their curricula and examination methods to ACCA global standards.

ACCA Accredited Programme students pass accredited exams as part of their standard course of studies. Based on specific ACCA Accredited Programme schemes, they receive exemptions from up to nine ACCA exams (Fundamentals level).

Being a student of an ACCA Accredited Programme doesn’t incur any additional fees and doesn’t oblige you to register with ACCA.



Faculty of Management, Information Technology and Finance

Bachelor Studies

Full-time programme

Start of the ACCA Accredited Programme: 2015

ACCA exams exemptions: 6, F1-F3; F5, F7, F9 (Fundamentals level )


ACCA ExamsBachelor Studies in Finance – subjects

Bachelor Studies in Finance graduates

F5 Performance Management

Cost and Managerial Accounting

5th semester, compulsory subject

F7 Financial Reporting

Intermediate Accounting and Financial Reporting

6th semester, compulsory subject

F9 Financial Management

Corporate Finance

3rd and 4th semester, compulsory subject


Faculty of Management, Information Technology and Finance

Master Studies

Full-time programme

Start of the ACCA Accredited Programme: 2015

ACCA exams exemptions: 4, F1-F3; F6 (Fundamentals level )

ACCA ExamsMaster Studies in Finance – subjects

Absolwenci studiów Master Studies in Finance

F6 Taxation


4th semester, compulsory subject




  • ACCA Exemptions

By taking accredited exams as part of your studies, you are entitled to receive ACCA exemptions: 6 based on Bachelor Studies in Finance, 4 based on Master Studies in Finance.  If you finish both programmes, you will be entitled to 7 ACCA exemptions: F1-F3, F5, F6, F7, F9.


  • 2 in 1 studies

You stand out on the labour market thanks to the combination of a prestigious university diploma and the ACCA qualification.

You combine academic training with business knowledge and practical skills, which enables you to start your career from a higher level.

  • ACCA Support

As a student of an ACCA Accredited Programme you are eligible to take part in “ACCA Academy” workshops at least once a year, during which you have the opportunity to solve business cases and practice presentation skills under the guidance of experts in finance and accounting.

You meet with ACCA-qualified professionals and have the chance to benefit from their knowledge and experience.

You are also entitled to participate in the unique Polish conference for future finance leaders: “Think Ahead: Future CFO. Powered by ACCA“.

  • Preparation for work

We guarantee that the competencies you gain meet global standards and market expectations.

You develop them by solving real-life cases, so you not only have a solid uderstanding of the business environment, but you also are able to put it into practice.


ACCA Accelerate

If you register with ACCA during your university studies, you can benefit from the ACCA Accelerate programme – receive ACCA exemptions free of charge, and exemption from subscription fees until the end of your studies. You can save up to PLN 4,000!


ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the largest, most prestigious and fastest-growing global body for finance, accounting and management professionals.

ACCA is a widely recognised, business-relevant, first-choice qualification based on comprehensive and practical knowledge, designed for people of ability and ambition around the world who seek rewarding careers in accountancy, finance and management.

What are the three foundations of ACCA?

  • Knowledge

The ACCA qualification delivers comprehensive and practical knowledge in key areas of modern finance and management: enterprise management, audit, management accounting, financial accounting, risk management, strategic planning and law and taxation.

You demonstrate mastering this comprehensive knowledge by passing 14 ACCA exams: 9 at Fundamentals level and 5 (out of 7) at the Professional level.



F1  Accountant in Business

F2  Management Accounting

F3  Financial Accounting

F4  Corporate and Business Law

F5  Performance Management

F6  Taxation

F7  Financial Reporting

F8  Audit and Assurance

F9  Financial Management



P1  Governance Risk and Ethics

P2  Corporate Reporting

P3  Business Analysis


2 out of 4:

P4  Advanced Financial Management

P5  Advanced Performance Management

P6  Advanced Taxation

P7  Advanced Audit and Assurance


  • Experience

On the way to an ACCA qualification you need to obtain three years’ experience in a position involving finance and acquire key professional competencies that complement your in-depth practical knowledge.

  • Ethics

In pursuing your profession, you are obliged to maintain the highest ethical standards, be socially responsible and have public interest rules as one of your top priorities. This translates into making effective business decisions, so it is important to observe ethical principles in your professional life.

In order to become an ACCA member you will have to take an online ethics course.


ACCA coordinator

Karolina Daszyńska-Żygadło PhD


ACCA Ambasador

Justyna Zając


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